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Let's talk about the PANDEMIC.

Right now, current time, this is the subject I get the most messages about.

People are afraid for their health.

They are afraid for their families.

They want to know what to do to protect themselves; how to navigate these new waters.

I get asked about my stance on the vaccines.

I get messages from people with Covid wondering what tools they can use to support their bodies.

And the biggest one that I am getting right now is,

"How can I prepare for and detox this vaccine?"

There isn't a quick answer to these questions, or to any questions about health.

Our bodies are complex, and yet in a way, so simple.

I understand the very deep needs that have arisen from this unexpected and life-changing Pandemic that we find ourselves in.

We don't know the long term effects of our new life and the choices that we are faced with.


What we do know

is that the human body is resilient,

& that it can overcome

and rise up to all that opposes it.

Now, more than ever in the lifetime that we are in,

when information about #naturalimmunity is being banned from the front lines of this fight for humanity,

it is OH SO IMPORTANT to understand how your immune system works

and why it is always on your side.


Maybe this sounds familiar....

Most of my clients seek me out when they have exhausted all of their medical options.

Early in my practice as a FootZonologist, and especially after people saw the health of my children dramatically improve, people started coming to me for help. The majority of the people that came were mothers with sick children who were told by medical doctors that they had no answers.

They had lost faith. They were told that their children would never heal. They started to actually believe that their children's bodies were broken, and it broke their spirit,

In a feeling of despair, they would hear rumors around town of this woman who helped people by working on their feet and giving them protocols.

"Did you know there is a foot lady in town that can touch your feet and tell you what is wrong with your body?"

These were the conversations I would hear about from local salons.

I would have people come up to me when I was out and about and ask with a lost look on their face,

"Are you the foot person?"

I knew their pain so well.

I myself was told by Western medical doctors (some of the best in the country at very prestigious hospitals) that I too had no hope, that I was doomed to have my first born have problems for life, and even worse that my second son would only live a few days if he made it through pregnancy gestation.

I knew what it felt like to have my world come crashing down on me. To feel defeated.

But I listened to my inner guidance, it was telling me to

for different answers.

I just knew deep inside that that the power to heal within the body was far greater than what I was being told. I dove in and began learning everything I could about the human body, and how to assist its natural ability to heal.


I am forever grateful that I listened to my inner guidance.


I devoured every bit of information about health that I could get my hands on so that I could find answers to help my sons heal. My first son had his autism diagnosis retracted along with a reversal of his many health issues.

I took tons of zoning courses, I read books and books, I studied herbs and supplements. I traveled all over to learn from different healers and experts. As the years went on, my thirst for healing information only grew.
It was a good thing I began my path to learn more - because when my second child was diagnosed with brain tumors in utero, the doctor told my husband and me,

When I replied NO, I was answered with,
Boy did we prove that wrong.


I put all of the information that I knew about health into supporting my unborn baby's and my health. He is tumor free, healthy, thriving, and turned 12 this year - and I have the knowledge of the innate human immune system to thank for that.


There is no mystery about human health. In fact it really is quite simple.

Many people go into guilt, shame, and even despair when they feel defeated.
Our educational system doesn't teach all there is to know about staying healthy. The allopathic medicine system is about treating symptoms, pain control, compartmentalizing body parts, and prescribing drugs. While much of this method has it's value and it's place, it is not a philosophy of health. In fact the definition of allopathic medicine is:
Even doctors themselves are not to blame for their lack of knowledge on health. The average nutrition class hours needed in a 4 year medical school requirement is only 25 hours, and many schools aren't meeting even that amount of time.

The more I began to uncover about the human body and it's miraculous ways of self-healing, the more a passion was released within my Inner Being.

A passion so strong that I couldn't not stop drinking up the knowledge of the fountain of health that was unveiling itself to me.

I refined my expertise into chronic and mystery illnesses, to uncover pieces of the puzzle that often seemingly have no answers.

One of my favorite quotes by Dan McDonald the Life Regenerator says,

Wow, does this ring true in my soul...

As more and more of my clients were getting relief after working with me, and having healing success stories, I began to understand the human body on a whole new level.

Way deeper than I ever knew possible.

I uncovered my passion and calling in life.
That is what I want to share with you.

I did the work so you don't have to, and this course will share much of this information with you.

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"A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for."

- John A. Shedd


It is a wonderful thing to be a human.

We are born with amazing innate capabilities to adapt to things in order to survive. Our bodies withstand some of the most trying and painful circumstances; like giving birth to keep our species alive, recovering from grave illnesses, or having a wound heal right in front of our eyes.

When given the best circumstances, our bodies just do it automatically, like a well-oiled machine.

In these times we are living in, the world is being taught to DISTRUST their bodies. Masks, hand sanitizers, and social distancing should NOT be the only tools we are given to stay healthy.

There is something

that is always fighting to keep you healthy.

The thing that despite if you
choose to take a vaccine,
choose to take a vitamin,
choose to take a medicine,
is ultimately what keeps us alive and works on our behalf every moment of every day of our life.

We are made for

& our bodies are made to support us through it.

In this course you are going to learn about what is arguably the most powerful thing that exists on this planet:

and how it is UNDEFEATED until the day

we take our last breath.

  • Why your immune system is the most powerful thing on the planet
  • How to fortify your immune system
  • What to avoid that can inhibit your immune capabilities
  • Natural ways to strengthen your innate immunity
  • Protocols for detox from things that strain your immune system
  • How to have faith in your body again
  • Find out what part of your body houses 70% of your immune system and how it is governed
  • A daily checklist of immune boosting activities
  • Find out the secret weapon I use to increase my immunity when I am around people (hint you may have seen this on my Instagram here and there)
  • How to activate your Rock-Solid Immune Mindset
  • My Top 10 Recommended Supplements to Support Strong Immune Health
  • Get my Healthy Immune Affirmation Wallpapers for your Smartphone
  • Learn my 5x5x5 Breathwork Method
  • Get my Undefeated Immunity Meditation
  • Receive LIFETIME updates to any changes I make to this course in the future!


Historically, only my Foot Zoning Practitioner students learn any of the zoning movements. I wanted to add this to the Immune Course because the Thymus is the King of our Immune Systems. This gland can be zoned if one has a fever, is fighting a virus/pathogen, or needs an immediate immune boost. It can be zoned multiple times a day without causing any disharmonies to other glands or organs. This is a very powerful non-invasive tool to have in your arsenal when the Immune System is in need of strength and vigor.


Born out of necessity with the current climate, the J.A.B. protocols are my best tools to date for this purpose. This bonus section will have in-depth protocols and systems to follow if you have gotten or are getting a vaccine.

(Please know that the new V is too much in its infancy to know the possible long-term effects, as it does not have long term studies and is a new technology. Please do your research before you make the choice.)


Find out my PROTOCOLS for what I did when Covid came to my home and one of my family members became ill, what tools I used to help support their immune system, and how I helped keep the rest of the house healthy. I also address Longhauler's Syndrome and things like Post-Covid Hair Loss.


Travel can be very taxing to the body and to our immune systems. People often get sick when they travel, so I never leave my health to chance. See what my travel protocols are for when I fly and when I am around a crowd. You will get a list that shows you how I prepare, what I take with me, and what I do after I arrive.


Use of these hydrating combinations to support and elevate your body's immune functions. The ingredients in each of these elixirs has been selected for their medicinal qualities.

Your body. Your sovereignty. Your health.


Your Instructor

Amber Bodily
Amber Bodily

Amber Bodily is a Master FootZonologist and Instructor, Master Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist and a Certified Biomagnetism Vitalist Practitioner. Amber has guided thousands of people on a healing path from chronic illness to vibrant health. She has an extensive understanding of the human body, and a keen intuition that pinpoints the root cause of symptoms & illness. She has studied with Tano Lucero, world renowned healer who developed the Lucero lymph massage technique. Certified in the Body Rejuvenation Diet, Amber is able to pinpoint root causes and heal the body on a cellular level to heal from chronic disease and illness. She is a Certified Biomagnetism Vitalist Practitioner through the Colegio Mexicano De Ajuste Bio-Magnético having learned how to protect and balance the body's vital energy. She has also participated in the Medical Medium Practitioner Support Service and is committed to using Anthony William’s protocols to supplement her other expertise. She is a Master Herbalist and Aromatherapist, and has learned ancient medicinal remedies from indigenous leaders.

Amber teaches FootZonology at Nordblom American Institute. Her passion and greatest desire is to empower you to heal and thrive not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Get instant access upon enrollment.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Will this help me with a certain health condition?
This course is designed for educational purposes only. You will learn what I do and see protocols that I give to many of my clients for certain situations. Amber Bodily Health does not diagnose any medical conditions. As always, consult your trusted health care practitioner for guidance on what is best for you. Note that I address the body as a whole unit and can only give personalized protocols out to those who are clients of mine. You are always welcome to make an appointment with me if you are in need (http://amberbodilyhealth.com/services).
Will the detox protocols work on me?
In this course you will learn the protocols that I have given to many of my clients for their specific situations as a guide to help you begin to ask the right questions to get the answers that are best for you. Always work with your trusted health practitioner for personal guidance.

Here is what others are saying...

"I was diagnosed with lipedema because the doctors did not know what is the true cause of it so I was left with a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder. Just getting up from the bed to move to the couch sapped my energy for the entire day - but I have 3 kids, so I drank 9-12 cups of coffee to get me through the day. Between the brain fog, anxiety, polyps all over my body, eczema, jaundice & inflammation, it was getting increasingly harder for me to function. I came to Amber for help, and felt embraced, accepted, never judged, and always validated & heard. I began to follow her specific protocols for me, and although I still have some ways to go, the improvement is exciting. I'm sleeping better, I'm more coherent, more patient, and the anxiety is at a minimum. My liver is less painful. My energy is way better! My kids commented about me playing with them more instead of needing a nap. I love the feeling of enjoying life and making memories with my kids. The knowledge & tools that Amber has shared with me makes me way more confident about being able to take care of my kids' health as well. My daughter had a very high fever (103), and Amber taught me how to zone her thymus gland. Sure enough, every time the fever spiked I would zone her thymus - and the fever would back down. The next morning she woke up like the fever never happened. It was really amazing, and I know that everything I've learned from Amber I can put to use for them. I feel confident and not scared about what could affect our health in these times because of the tools Amber has shared. Thank you Amber, for brightening our future!" - Mariam Hakopyan

"We are remodeling our house, and after cutting through some insulation my husband got awfully sick. He couldn't get out of bed, had a massive migraine, and couldn't work. I've learned so much from Amber from our previous consultations that I was able to get him started on a healing protocol. With her guidance, he recovered and is able to continue cleaning out his body. Amber is so knowledgeable about the human body and is able to pinpoint very precisely what is the root cause of the issue. Her wealth of experience and expertise has served me and my family well for the last few years. The four of us all have healing stories, and we never would be able to tell their happy endings without the guidance we got from Amber. She truly takes amazing care of her clients. I feel empowered by learning from her courses and knowing how to take care of my family. Thank you Amber, for changing our lives!" - Kimberly ⁠

"For anyone thinking about taking Amber's classes, they are so worth the time and money. Amber is so full of knowledge, and the best part is she actually lives what she teaches. They are worth whatever sacrifice you have to make!"⁠
- Leisa Jarman, Certified Massage & Bodywork Therapist, Owner of Bodiology⁠

to tell you not to wait to start caring for your health. We are living in unprecedented times where the number one thing that will take us through it all is our bodies to have a strong constitution.

I want to teach you how to thrive.

I want to show you that your natural and God-given immune system is the most powerful thing on this planet. It is what keeps you alive, heals your body, and carries you through all of your dreams, desires, and goals.

This is a course to take you

from fear to empowerment

in terms of your health in today's climate.

Cheers to your UNDEFEATED immune system!


Amber Bodily

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